Sunday, 7 October 2012

Diving, Weddings, First Aid and a Runaway Cow. Another Standard Day in the Gilis

2 October

So Dave and Ben left to go and climb 'Rinjo' and I embarked on an underwater adventure making lots of fun new friends along the way (it seemed like longer than 2days!)

Diving has proved to be an awful lot of fun and I'm now officially allowed to go without supervision...which I will probably NEVER do. And it has nothing to do with the fact that diving instructors are a beautiful breed. Seen lots of turtles, rays, octopi and colourful fish galore. If I could show you the corresponding hand signs then I would.

It's been another typical island day - wedding procession, two lots of first aid and a runaway cow that came running in off the 'street' right into the dive center. It also rained. A lot. Which made walking the length of the island to find a stretcher all the more entertaining. Our bovine guest was eventually lasooed and taken out again which was very entertaining.

I am officially in love with it here and could happily stay for a very long time.

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