Sunday, 7 October 2012

Miss Pelly, You Skin So White!

7 October

After two days of mooching, shopping, sunbathing and surfing we are leaving the holiday strip of Kuta-Seminyak and of to Borneo on our jungle adventure!

Yesterday was almost exclusively spent outside and experiencing almost every hour of daylight meant we were a tad singed by the end of the day. Still, I hear it makes for a cracking base tan. Plus today will mostly be spent in airports which is probably just as well. I'm also hoping it will stop the locals coming up to me to tell me that my skin is 'white like snow'. Someone needs to tell them it is definitely not the way to my heart. 'Felicity' proves a difficult name for the Indonesians so I'm mostly called 'pelly' which I'm hoping won't stick.

The hawkers on the beach begin to grate after a while - I left Soph on the beach for a quick surf and when I came back in she was surrounded my children waving bracelets at her, and one had actually poked her with a sharp stick! We had indulged in some fruit so we clearly looked amenable to spending. Still, the pineapple and coconut were delicious. Tempting as it might be, I would not like sarongs, tat, silver tat, fake watches, sunglasses, dvds, beads or a massage, thank you very much. I'm attempting to learn an Indonesian phrase a day - yesterday's was 'tidak bapak'... no sir!

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