Sunday, 28 October 2012

A very Random selection of photos from Bali

(I mean very random - I've no idea how to change sizes, they're in a very random order and I had to pick them at random as I only had icons. They've also taken forever to upload so I think I need a tutorial...! Will attempt to add comments at some point...)

A bit of beach at Gili Trawangan (can you see why I love it so?)

Kuta Beach fruit lady hacking up a coconut (honestly thought she was going to lose a few digits in the process)

The free MacDonalds during our airport delay (who wants to see the orangutans anyway)

The Scooter Dream Team (note the size of Sophie's smile)

Diving in Pemuteran

The Munduk Waterfall in Bali

One of the many rice field photos

Not a bad spot for lunch

Another fruit lady (maybe pineapple this time)

The monkey on the right tried to rob me shortly after this

TREK. At the crater lake on the second day. This was before The Up

Just so you know I'm not making it up, I climbed up that slope. This was taken from our campsite on the second night. It really was nearly vertical!

One of our porters...and rock formations for Bradley to tell me about 

It was VERY chilly

Team Oulala. Don't let the smiles fool you. This was before the foot destroying descent. Most of the trekking photos are on Sophie's camera. Funnily enough I wasn't in the mood to get mine out....

Post Trek Bintang ( number 5 or something)

Gili Diving!

Beauty and Grace

Kuta Beach (in low season)

First day in Kuta. Just Chillin'


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  1. Fabulous photos Felicity. You do, however, look totally terrified with the monkeys.
    Sunburnt?????? surely not?