Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My first sense of humour failure

Today my sense of humour and adventure deserted me for a full 6 hours. After another 6am start we got the public ferry over to Lombok. I was only slightly twitchy this time but the boat was very open so I knew I could swim away if needs be.

We were met at the port by our short, pudgy, shifty salesman who took us on a sight seeing tour of the Island. Oh goody, I thought, a nice car trip on an empty stomach. The first 15 minutes were very pretty, lots of nice costal views but it didn't take long for the hilly, windy, bumpy journey to make me feel a bit nauseous. And the hills did nothing to add to my enthusiasm for the upcoming trek. 4 hours of 'seeing Lombok' later we arrived at our hole, sorry, hotel which we are being put up in ahead of tomorrow's trek. I went into the 'bathroom' (literally a loo and a bucket of water with very little light) and a lizard the size of my forearm fell from the ceiling onto me and scuttled away over my foot. Needless to say this scared the bejesus out of me, I flapped a lot and then realised everyone had heard. Good. Still grumpy at this point we headed out with the 3 others we're doing the trek with to see some waterfalls. Who should I bump into but Issy who caught the tail end of my silent grump and then my mood improved. We hiked to the second waterfall which felt a bit Indiana Jones and involved a fair bit of scrambling up the river. It was worth it though as the waterfall was very cool. Who needs a guide?!

I'm now back in the hole-tel and able to look at the whole incident in a funnier light. Lizard and all. We had a briefing with a very funny trek guy and our group seems like a good laugh. So far it's a sath ifrican couple (the guy is very like Tom page), a quiet Italian chap and an amusing Solvenian. I'm actually semi looking forward to it now despite another 6am start.

Moan moan moan, I promise I'm enjoying myself!

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  1. There's a heck of a lot of trekking going on in this trip.....but no trekking boots? Flip flops? really? xxx