Sunday, 7 October 2012

I don't like to 'travel'

4 October

I had to bid farewell to Gili Trawangan this morning and head back to Bali as SOPHIE IS COMING TODAY! The journey has taken nearly all day and I've been too many different types of transport including a very unseaworthy vessel which nearly turned over (mildly terrifying), mini bus and then hijacked by man on back of a motorbike (sorry mum) who proceeded to take me all around town. With my backpack (backpack) still on. I finally found somewhere to stay tonight and am Currently en route to the airport to meet Sophie. Sitting, standing around and trudging being 'that' person with the front and back backpack (backpack) whilst being almost constantly being sweaty isn't the funnest way to spend a day solo so I'm looking forward to Sophie and food and more than 4 hours sleep and surfing tomorrow! And Su's cottages are just lovely.

Having spoken to sister Sophie who described the gili boat trip as one of her favourite bits, I think I might splash out on a more reputable company for my next crossing!

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