Monday, 5 August 2013

Spider on the post

Day 7. One week down!
Today was my first day working with Noel and it was nice to have direction! Noel likes a leisurely morning and once we'd done our usual morning chores (we still have 10!) we headed to the back paddock to goat proof it.  Apparently we are going to drench all the goats to try and prevent more worm related deaths. I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to work as I think the drenching  is happening near the house but the new goat proof area we worked on is quite far back...I am sure it will all become apparent. Maybe. So aside from more fencing (I observed more than I worked) I discovered that I enjoy using an axe. I am also pretty good at using an axe. Those spiny bushes were toast. A fair bit of work was needed to straighten and right the posts using chains and landcruisers.

Now I'm not great with spiders but K'marie has the worst phobia I think I've encountered. She can spot the legs a mile away so when her voice went hoarse and she leapt back 10ft I knew something had been spotted and could just about make out 'spider on the post, spider on the post'. About 10 seconds later I spotted the hand size arachnid walking slowly around the post. Noel brushed it casually to the floor and stood on it. 10seconds later 'it's moving! It's moving' and sure enough it had escaped the boot and was crawling towards us. Then it had the boot treatment. We spotted a few more that day and so were slightly twitchy for the rest of it. Once one of us starts the other one is off too and Alex has realised all he needs to do is give us a look somewhere like shoulder or hair and its enough to set us off. We have tried to explain that it's not funny but he doesn't agree.

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