Monday, 5 August 2013

Ground-log Day

Day 9

I have very little to report from today because today was mostly spent with wood. Lots of wood. I drove the ute from different ends of the farm to move wood. We moved wood from Geoffrey's, into the ute, then drove it back to the house, then unloaded it, then drove back to Geoffrey's, then loaded the ute, then drove back to the house, then unloaded it, then drove back to Geoffrey' get the idea. After the second ute load was on I drove back across the fields for the first unloading where we had the unpleasant surprise of Farmer Chris in the yard. The first thing he said? 'Use the breaks. I see yous bumping in the potholes'. Hello, Chris, I'm well thank you, how are you?' He then watched my reverse it to the wood pile with great scrutiny hoping for another error. I drive like a granny and about 4 times slower than Ayrlie so this had sent my blood pressure rocketing. Luckily it was a Flying visit to pick up Scottish Alex to go to the abattoir and left us with the task of moving all the wood. K sums it up well by saying that it can be a fun, sunny day but Chris brings a cloud that dampens everyone's spirits.

On went the trailer and back we went to moving the wood. Over to Geoffrey's, into the ute, back to the house, out of the ute etc etc.  

As the day was ending I had the pleasure of taking the best wood over to the Koondrook farm (residence of Farmer Chris) to unload it there. Oh goody! I hadn't been yet and the stories I've heard haven't exactly been great, but I unloaded the wood (snore) under the watchful gaze of Chris and an enormous bull then kept my fingers crossed we weren't going to hang around.

The only non wood related activities today was some new German. But even that was a bit wood related with 'vielen grossen stochen' being my new words for the day.    

Instead of counting sheep to go to sleep tonight I'll be counting logs

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