Sunday, 30 September 2012

Paradise Found

Ubud was lovely, very green and much more 'Bali' than the Kuta region. I feel like 'green' doesn't really cover quite how lush and amazing the rice paddies are, but they were very cool. We went to the (thieving) monkey temple where I didn't get rabies (hooray!), palaces, museums (yes, really) and had yet more amazing food.

I also had my first massage. Now, I've heard that Balinese masseurs can have a few personal space issues so I thought I'd just get back and neck. How invasive could that be, right? Very, as it turns out. I felt like I should ask for her number afterwards.

I am now in the gili islands which are quite possibly my favourite place ever. Postcard perfect little islands with a breeze to keep the pesky mozzies in check and well worth the horrific journey here. The 'bus' journey was hot and bumpy, the port was busy and smelled like incense, petrol and chickens so I was feeling pretty horrendous before getting on the bumpiest boat trip in the world. A nice Dutch chap gave me a plastic bag and Dave and Ben mostly mocked me. So the fact that it was not only very pretty, but also quiet and still made me doubly pleased to arrive. I basically chundered everywahhh and had a life realising moment. Just like Fulham.

I did a bit of snorkeling yesterday off the beach and saw a promptly booked myself in for a diving course which starts today!

In other news my flip flops already look like the old ones, my feet will probably be grubby for the next 3 months, my hair is enormous and I HAVEN'T SUNBURNED!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

I think I'm going to like it here!

I made it and so far Bali gets a big tick! I've been surfing (I use the term loosely), sampled the local beer (extremely palatable), the local cocktails (less so), the local pedi place (not too shabby) and I'm proving to be something of a hit with the local mosquitos. I think my insect repellent might actually be a sugar and water mix.

Heading to ubud shortly to tick the culture box and hopefully not get robbed by a monkey. If I happen to stumble across a spa then I might just have to go inside...

Backpacking is tough!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

First Blog, First Post

Humming the Willy Fog theme tune and attempting to pack has finally pushed me to setting up a blog.  I'm leaving Wezzy B to go far, far away for quite a long, long time taking with me nothing but miniature versions of every home comfort I own.  And too many clothes. And probably too many full size suncreams.

With Baz Luhrmann's wise words waking me every morning I will try my best not to burn and to update you with tales of my adventures (and probably a few rants along the way for good measure).  Hopefully you'll enjoy!